Season 2007 was far more challenging for the team than 2006. There were more missions, more retrievables, more deliverables and complex scoring and mission order. But the team rose to the challenge and came up with some ingenious solutions to the problems presented. Unfortunately we lost our team member jaime to other commitments. But we gained two new members, Connor and Ausin.
Our Robot

Our robot was actually very similar to our 2006 robot, using the same technique of a universal mount on the front and mission specific attachments. Where it differed mainly was the addition of a 3rd motor on top with it's own universal attachment.

Rawley tests a program as Dane and Morgan look on

Our Robot sans attachments.

The 2007 Bricks For Brains Team.
Rawley, Dane, Austin, Morgan, Connor, Austin
Competing in the first round
No trophy this year but we still had a blast!


Our Project

Our 2007 project was evaluating the power efficiency of a local structure. We chose the Lompoc Aquatic Center. Although we discovered soon after that the LAQC was actually quite efficient we found a few small ways they could use less power. The kids built a model of the building and put together a presentation board that highlighted some of it's features and areas it could be improved at.

The kids had a good time presenting their ideas at LEGOLAND. They all wore goggles and towels and had their ideas on the back of paddleboards.